A speed date with Scotland

Several months ago my friend Pete told me about a travel competition – My Destinations Biggest Baddest Bucket List. On the line is the opportunity to be a globe trotting travel reporter for 6 months without having to pay a penny! The ultimate dream prize if you ask me!

The requirement… write a 500 word travel story, include 3 photos and create a 3 minute video on a destination of your choice… Meh… tick, tick, tick… easy as…

Massive underestimation. It’s been 2 months mostly of procrastination, requiring a bucket of self belief and a few cups of will power in not giving up.

It’s funny when the carrot is dangled for something like this it’s so easy to talk yourself out of it. My photos aren’t really that great… someone will have a better story than me… and as for the video, I’ve never been in front of a camera before let alone have a clue about how to pull it all together.

But as they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’ And so I trudged on learning lessons and making mistakes – some unfixable. And after 8hrs of takes for a few minutes of footage I have a new respect for those on the other side of the lens!

Will I win? Who knows? Maybe… Probably not, but I prefer not to think that way otherwise what’s the point. I’m sure there’ll be better photos and better stories and better videos but I’m proud of what I’ve acheived.

So come on a speed date with me to Scotland and if you like it vote for me, heck even if you don’t like it, vote for me anyway and help a girl follow her dream!

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