Nic3Welcome to glampacking the globe.  I’m Nic and I’m a self confessed glampacker…

So what exactly is that?  Well I’m a backpacker, but I just like to do it with a little style & class.

I’m getting old (in the backpacker world that is), I’ve done my time bunking down in 6, 8 or even 28 bed dorms. These days I need my sleep. I’ll happy stay in a hostel, but I’ll take my own room thanks.

And just because I’m a backpacker doesn’t mean I have to look like a scruff. I’m not talking high heels or pretty skirts (well once I packed heels, for a wedding though, so that’s totally acceptable), I just like to be comfortable and feel good.

I’m happy to rough it and wild camp or slush around in the mud at a music festival for a weekend, but rest assured I’ll have had a shower (of some sorts) and be ready to brave the day with a fresh face of make-up.

I would rather spend my hard earned money exploring this extraordinary planet than drive a fancy car or wear designer clothes. Actually, that’s not true at all, I’d rather do both, but I’m going need a rich husband, but since I can’t even find a poor one things aren’t looking so good.

I have a dream of one-day becoming a travel writer & photographer. Will I make it? Maybe… maybe not? But who cares if I don’t, I’m going to have a damn good time trying!

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and experiences, as I follow my dream and glampack the globe.

Feel free to get in touch via email at glampackingtheglobe@gmail.com or follow me on twitter or instagram.

Happy travels
Nic xx


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